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Miss Treater

Get away, you bother me boy.

To her my hearts a bouncing toy.

The days and her dress are colored blue.

Oh the pain she’s put me through.

I am melting, lost the past.

Can’t see up ahead and I’m falling fast!



Giggling is an inside job

laughter is what I’m after

smiles can go for miles

grinning declares winning

heart throb is an inside job

joy is where girl meets boy






Gone to far to turn back

momentum building

movement toward the goal

accomplishments ahead

hurting can be healed

only the beginning

vision for the future

unknown soon to be clearer


Through it all

Sunny day will find a way

through yesterdays clouds.

The bird you heard

flies through the skies

Breeze blowing through the trees

sends peace to your heart

Through the valley I walk, to God I talk

I will fear no evil for He is with me!



The Wagon

Pulling the wagon with a smile on his face.

The road is a bumpy one.

His sister says; “Go faster, we’ll never get to the place.”

hiding her eyes from the bright Sun.

The guards tell them to halt!

shaking they stop.

“This war” she says, “is your fault.

soon the bombs will drop.”

Papers in order, the wagon rolls on.

hopeful eyes now a stare

The joy they once had is now gone.



It could be a Wonderful Life!


The heart drops when we feel as if our life

is wasted or unimportant.  The violence in the

streets indicate that there is a lack of value

for the lives of others.

An eye for an eye or do unto others

before they do unto you,

is the motto now inscribed in the hearts

of men and women boys and girls.

I pray there is a turning of the corner

about to happen.  Lives do matter, of all

tribes and tongues.

It can be a wonderful life, but it will require

peace, grace, and love. and preferring others

over ourselves, while seeking unity of a family,

city, and nation.

I believe the only way to have true peace with another

is having peace with God through faith in Christ’s;  life.

death, and resurrection.    When we live in light of eternity

we can realize the wonderful, abundant life that Christ talks of.



Looking deep inside as she converses

like a lip reader watches lips move

searching for the truth with ears and eyes.

You have a story to show and tell as well

she sees the light shine as it illuminates

her dark world, eyes widened as she realizes

God created light for all, in the darkness.

The eyes have it!


Speak Up

It’s time for you to say so

to let the words flow

With the help of  speakers

run to the mic in sneakers

tell the World they are not at a loss

they also may come to the Cross.


Live For Others

Self on the shelf

It’s for you I worry

my sight getting blurry

Knowing your need

I plant a seed

making it your day

hear what you say

with a holy discontent

we know what you meant



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