The Lord is my Shepherd

Sitting with leaves as my seat.

Thanking God for devils defeat.

Ol’ devil runs when you resist.

Prayer produces Gods’ big fist.

He leads through the valley of death.

He increases my strength with His word and breath.


‘Twas the day after Christmas.

The kids slept after Christmas all at Grandmas house,
not a creature was stirring not even a keyboard mouse.
Grandmas ugly Christmas sweater put away with a tear.
She won the contest with Grandma got ran over by a reindeer
Down thru the hallway there arose such a clatter.
Grandpa had knocked down a picture, Christmas cookies had made him fatter.
“Why is the Christmas tree smashed in that box?”
“Where are the Christmas decorations and socks?”
They hugged in terror when GiGi picked up the robot St. Nick
placed him in the plastic tub & locked the lid; click,click, click.
dash away, dash away, dash away all!
The gift pile next year… will be very small.

A Journey (or life is a trip)

Did I take the right trail,

at the “T’ in the road?

was it a choice fail,

that brought this weighty load?

Walking with a limp held up by a fence

reading listening, now I sit

on the journey full of consequence.

Wounds on my legs and heart

On Him I have to call

My life’s map torn apart

On God I lean, lest I fall.



Never Surrender

Wishing doesn’t make it happen

nor hiding in fear.

Intentional action

mobilizes confidence.

When ambushed on the trail

attack the ambush.


Just Another Day.

Waking from my sleep

the thought began to creep

here we go again.

going where I’ve already been

His spirit overtaking, spoke.

wake up  O’ sleeper

A new day has broke.

You can leave the days of strife

You in christ can enjoy the new life.

For you are Born Again!


Another week to take it day to day

Another second chance to live His way

Continue to encourage neighbor and brother

let us seize opportunities to serve one another.

Left Out in the cold

Looking for a warm day

No way, can’t seem to find one

thing of the past, dye is cast

cold and freezing, wheezing, sneezing

Sun is in hiding, I’m confiding

he wasn’t so hot anyway.

walking stiffly getting old

cold bones, blood and feet.

snow lays down a sheet

and blanket of a layer

from one cold player

to another.

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