Whether it is an Olympic race or Kentucky derby, the most exciting portion is as they are rounding that last turn.  “Here they Come!”   It has been the place of disaster or victory.  History has been made as they round the turn.  Some runners, man or horse, have pulled up and fallen in tears from, physical and emotional pain. After years of training and making it to that last turn; searching for oxygen for lungs and muscles and finding none, as they watch their dream and the few left, flying to the finish.

You might be rounding the turn.  It could be you’re nearing a successful completion of a project at work or ministry demands from the people who call you Pastor.  All the children, are pulling you from different needs and attention.  Prepare now, for that last kick of energy you may need. Unemployed? you may need to pull up one more “umph” to keep looking and letting the world know you are here!

There are portions we cannot walk or run on our own. Listen, to the help of others.  We may have to read informative books or blogs and apply them to our circle of life, God has placed us in. It will require letting God carry you. Prayer and  seeking God’s will, love and power to run life’s many races.  Pray, realize the cloud of witnesses, listen to them shouting;  “Here they Come!