We don’t like discipline. It varies from parent to parent, state to state even continent to continent. In addition, whether it is as an individual or with a team, athletes of course must be disciplined in the particular sport. So we are to discipline ourselves or the court will do it for us. It’s going to be a rainy Thursday and I need to mow the lawn later today. I have to discipline my self or maybe should have built that discipline long ago to go out when there is a break in the clouds and get ‘er done.

A parent must discipline and train a child as they grow and mature. There are times Mom has to think for the child because they can’t think for themselves, in order that they might be wise enough to discipline themselves, when mom is not around anymore. We men seem to just get taller, as we still throw tantrums and yell “Mine!”

After Jr. slaps someone or says “No!” or tells Auntie, that growth above her eye “Is grose!” Mother says “Isn’t he cute?” and we all laugh and laugh and laugh. When Jr. is still doing it at sixteen yrs old or thirty-five it just “aint funny no more.”

Children, as well as adults, should be encouraged to be creative. Parents relatives and schools can observe and direct this bend toward their creative expression and interest in academics. The idea is not to spoil or ruin them along the way.

It is true that you can do all you can but that darn peer pressure takes over and all of the village’s input and investment goes down one of the many drains in the sink of life. I could enter all the Bible verses here but you’ve already ran them through your mind.

A blog I was reading suggested a good idea; As we protect them from life, let’s also prepare them for it. I don’t believe it’s incorrect to tell little Johnny to control himself. It is better to do it now than when he is an adult and he leaves the bleachers,DSCN5048 headed for the umpire calling his daughter “OUT!’ as she is sliding into homeplate at the little league game; “John control yourself!” We know how this turns out. We have seen it on the evening news.