When it comes to prayer and life events, God will speak to you, and me too.  There have been a trillion times, when God has spoken to me through His Word.

God generally can’t get a word in edgewise while I’m praying.  I have a list of requests a mile long, as well as a time frame that I need them accomplished.

God could force feed us and make us do His bidding.  Rather God made us creatures of choice and not robots.  He doesn’t force anything on you.  The Bible uses words like: choice, faith, believe, trust, receive, and whoever will.  He informs us on the reward of following,  and the consequence of rebelling.  Not to mention asking amiss, or praying just to be seen across the congregation.

He doesn’t ask us to change before we follow Him. He says something like; “follow me.  You will discover… old things are passed away, all things made new!”  Mankind fell “In the beginning” He died to cover and in our place for those sins, by shedding his blood on a terrible cross.  Those who believe have eternal life spent with God.  Jesus also said:  “Those who do not believe are condemned already.”

He who has ears, let him hear.