The Richest Man in Town!

Silence is golden but there are times when in our noisy culture that you and I must be heard.  “I’ve got rights” is not the only platform or topic we can converse about.  The rights of others, justice, as well as help for those that can’t help themselves.  There is much to say; “We need better education!” even “We need better education at home!”  You and I can complain until the cows come home (whenever that is), we also can use our voice (our message) to change, build and develop.   Christians?  to speak about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so others can have old things pass away and all become new, followed by their new Christlike voice.

There are many voices whispering, some shouting.  Some are helping while others are very destructive. Shiny yet destructive.  The Gospel of the love of Christ and help to others that are hungry and…

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