Do you get frightened when there is writers block or you go into a room to get something and you forgot what it was? There is this mental wall at times, that I can’t see over.  When I was in elementary school and couldn’t see the board, I thought that was as far as one could see written word on a blackboard.  I was weird because there were students sitting behind me.  I began wearing glasses that summer. I said that to say I occasionally  wonder; is that as far as I can dream, think or receive that “divine vision?”

Not that the next blog will be Divine inspiration, (you know better if you have read the others) but I have had those moments when I bounced out of bed to put it down on to the silver screen, or waited until morning, hoping the:   “message for the masses” would keep.

The Apostle Paul wrote that the word of God, was given by Inspiration, that we should study it.   One place he said it was  living. I agree with that. It is amazing something written so long ago could be fresh and reliable today. Since I got nuthin’, why don’t you check your bible out, maybe Psalms or the letter to the Ephesians.

I like to start the week with something, but if it don’t flow don’t force it. You rock!