Look at you! Sitting there drinking your morning coffee on the deck, glancing up from your book.  I can see you enjoy your life, including the effort it requires,  to accomplish the tasks, you embark on in order to accomplish the main objective.  This is the moments you allow yourself to rejuvenate and allow your mind to imagine another place and time.

Look at you, by the lake!  There is nothing like sitting on that huge boulder, lost in the color change of the trees and plant life that sees its’ reflection in the mirror of the water.

Look at you. Sinking into the leather chair at the coffee shop.  You love sharing and listening with the one you are with, including the  conversation from a nearby table.

Look at you!  taking time out from all the daily chores and stresses that go with  parenting  as well as a life your not fond of but still; you’re in love, and a nice little place to call your own.  Piled above a pile of laundry, on the counter, is a pile of payments due.  They will be paid,  but not until you have your cup of coffee, overlooking the street below.