We as humanoids know within ourselves, this life and the circle of life we have been placed in,  has to include other humans. Being a follower of Christ I should automatically love everyone!  Well… it’s easier, but if you know anyone other than yourself, it’s easier said than done!

We are busy.  In a addition, those of us that have slowed down to a stop,  soon find ourselves alone and secluded   The
Word of God (Bible) encourages us to be a help, even love “one another.”  The Apostle Paul writes and tells the crazy Corinthian Church and us; to comfort others with same comfort we have received from the God of all Comfort. Paul said we are compelled by the love of Christ.

If you haven’t noticed, in the Bible and in church last week people were ignored by others.  We can hear the whisper from the corner of the sanctuary or the text received from a fellow worshiper;  “After they did what they did, they got what they deserved.”   We are to leave those judgements to God.  That’s close to what the military calls friendly fire.  Except the fire from the military was accidental. We have a two by four in our eye, telling them they have some splinter in theirs.

Where is the Church? The Bible believers that are to be a blessing, even loving the “unlovable.”  I’ve heard the comments and have been told: “You get along with everyone.”  I have been around Jesus, Some great Jesus followers, and my parents were great examples to me.  Once again, you follow the guidance from Gods Word and soon it all over flows out to your circle of life God has placed you in.  I know the others make it difficult. Your blogs have been an encouragement, entertained and blessed me and thousands. Thank You.

SO.. I wrote this little no fluff, Day one, Day two devotional that is forty pages, complete with scripture to look up, a comment or two about those who have been a blessing.  The prayer,  Nehemiah prayed on behalf of His people…and more. A cool little book to have with you, during quiet time.

You can be ready for the New Year!!!  “Thirty-one Days to becoming a Blessing.”  Amazon.com