While pointing the gun at his stomach, he said: “Give me all of your money, or I’ll blow your brains out!” The large man answered;  “Sir if my brains were in my stomach I’d be Einstein.”  He said to the would be robber:  “Don’t worry though it’s a medical condition, my body retains ice cream.”

The man heard sirens and ran.  The would be victim said: “What an idiot those are tornado sirens.”  He ran into the garage lit a candle, and waited out the tornado.  When the all clear siren sounded, he went into the house. Minutes later his garage was burning down.  “You burned the garage down! Now where am I going to hide my collectables. I was going to put them in there.”  The large man laughed and laughed.   His friend was so absent minded, he had forgotten that he already put them in the garage.

A great evangelist was going to speak at the city auditorium. He decided to walk their from his motel room.  He began to get disoriented, soon he was lost.  “Hey kid, can you tell me where the city auditorium is?”  “Gee what are you going to do there?” “I’m going to tell people how to get to Heaven!”  “Heaven? sir you don’t even know how to get to the City Auditorium!”

I know.  It’s not a blog about Ebola.