The Richest Man in Town!

You can be rich with little or no money! Our circle of life, includes; relationships, happenings, and God. It all comes together, to show that you are Rich beyond measure!   Many businesses and ministries,  love money and use people. It should be they love people and use money.   Many have passed away with thousands or millions in the bank or in assets and might as well have gone penniless.  They have lived  and died without making an investment into the life of others.

Friends and family, or the memories we hold onto, are invaluable. My opinion is we are to remember their legacy as we create one of our own. I pray they look at my picture when I’m gone and say “Thank you Lord!” Not that I’m gone,  but that I was there for and with them.

It might not be financial but spent energy.  Jesus said “Don’t store…

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