The leaves cover the ground as I enter the treeline.

They crackle in the bitter cold.

The Sun is up, but the degrees decline.

The cardinal flies close, so bold.


You can feel you fingers, though they are frozen.

you can see the forest for the trees.

A blue jay eats the seed he’s chosen,

The squirrel flies on his trapeze.


Brown leaves still hang while the bushes have died.

The angry crow screams!

The woodpeckers’ patience is tried,

While the rabbit smiles as he dreams.


In the Forrest you feel so free.

The falling snow is thrilling,

the deer leaps with glee!

The chipmunk is weak, but the hawk is willing.


It’s time to return and lay wood on the fire.

I must go and warm the shack.

My eyes are dancing but my old legs, they tire.

leaving the treeline, and romantically look back.