How are you?  I am fine.  I wanted to send my list to you before it was to late. My mom says she’s through shopping.  She couldn’t have possibly got everything on that list!   Both of you owe me. I saw you kissing my mom last year.  That should be worth some hush presents!

You might want to deliver them,  Fedex or U.P.S.  If you remember, this is kind of a rough neighborhood.  Last Christmas, dad said you probably got rolled for a few of my gifts.

we’re not in the spirit so much this year. Dad quit his job and hits me and Johnny.  Dad’s the one that suggested I get your address.  It’s sad to see him cry.  Between clanging plates and shaking mom, he’s always apologizing.

Santa, could you make Spring come soon.  Mom says, that’s when I’m going to live with grandma for a few weeks. You do the math.  Here, it’s like, eating, then going to bed, isn’t my idea of a good time.

Usual Graham cracker and milk, see what you could do on your end!