What a journey life is. In our youth, very vibrant and full of dreams.  The dreams didn’t arrive.  You have to awaken to accomplish these dreams.  So many times/years was spent in compromise of “This is good enough.”  Moments in time spinning the wheels in the mud of distraction.

In my direction many have imparted and invested time and effort.  Finally in these last six years the answers to prayers begin to manifest into reality.  Nothing mega, much has been consistent in answering the call to invest now into others, trying to be inspiring, encouraging, even entertaining. You might say to yourself; “Still failing.”  But I’m trying.

The plan,or desire is to be an addition to someones; emotions and life.  What If we would come along side someone,  make them laugh or just be present as they cry. What a blessing we would be.

Pray for me. I’m praying for you.  Like it or not!