What if we marched to the gangs hideout.

Let’s go protest the illegal guns.

that live on our block.

Let’s take the megaphone and chant,

to the rednecks meth lab.

Allow the police to be for us,

Then  who could be against us.

Let the church leave the building and be Christ.

Let’s lay down for a lay in,

in front of the cars before they do a drive by.

Didn’t protest the killings in Chiraqs parks.

Let’s raise our fists in front of our schools,

tell the kids: “Stay In! Stay in.”

Flex the muscle between our ears!

or would you rather be a fool,

when you could be a jewel!

I say we march..with the Holy Spirit.

“Red and yellow black and white,

they are precious in His sight”..

Walk where He walks!

because people matter,

love God love others!