Sitting by what little coal was left burning for the day, Rose and her siblings, sang Christmas songs.  Their imaginations ran wild with anticipation for the gifts they might receive.  The children glared into the little fire and then over to some presents under the tree.


Roses father, Ben had been working late at the store. Ben joined them in a few songs.  He thought back to his childhood during Christmas, living on a farm outside of London.  It broke his heart to see the children huddled in front of such a small fire.  They didn’t yet know the difference of rich and poor.  He was glad about their innocence.

“You have more coal!”

“The coal is for tomorrow, Christmas day.  Hurry get under your covers before the fire goes out.  Do me a favor and dream of presents, tea and plenty of oranges!”

“Aye Father, comin’  to my bed and say prayers?”

“I’ll be right their John.”

Ben would be staying awake.  The congregation at Longfield Church told him earlier that day, they had purchased presents for many families, his included. they would deliver them tonight so the children might be surprised when they awoke.

“Dear Lord, we thank you for your many, many blessings, on this little English family.  I thank you for each child.  Lord, give Rose a special blessing for having to be sister and mother to them.  We worship you and thank you for the Christ child Jesus,who had a Holy birth in this ol’ world. We know the reason for the season and believe you gave your son on the cross that those who believe would spend eternity with you.  We are glad for our employment at Wood dale store, as well as the coal he gives us.  Bless Longfield Church.”

The little children were planning to lay with eyes wide open all night, in minutes they were asleep.