We pulled out the VHS of  “Little Women” Sunday and watched one more time.  What a family , Mom and sisters, and then of course they were complete when dad came home from the war.

I would not have wanted to live during that age but because they lacked the modern conveniences they did not lack imagination.  Women of that day were serving under submission and taboo. Because of a few like Josephine and The author of the story; the plight of  women and people in general were improved and advanced because of their “gumption.”  One out of the family was willing to break loose (sneakingly encouraged by her mothers affirmations). While the other would have been satisfied with the status quo.

So what’s our problem.  We need more Josephine s..no we need you to…   okay, I need to step up and change a few paradigms as long as they are not contrary to God.   Lives will remain under siege by  the comments of “You’ll never amount to anything”, or “in this economy it’s impossible”.  You hear that talk in church, I can only imagine in the little house down the block.

Josephine’s  face showed anger or sadness even disbelief when someone talked of “second class” women.  That kind of talk inspired her to be and do whatever she could, as in author a book. What angers you….okay what angers me enough to get ourselves off the couch and into the think tank and behind a desk, shovel or  podium, spreading the good word of what God said or what someone can do even though others say it can’t be done.

If they say I’m an inadequate leader then I’m reading books on leadership etc.  If I’m asked to speak on a subject, I must study to know it well.  I’m not physically working to well but I can do some things and inspire someone, even point people to God.

You can learn from the stories of and from  many a man, but you can also learn a thing or two, from “Little Women.”