There was a warm breeze accompanied by the sound of birds and the slapping of  waves against the shore.  Just then a head rises up looking over tall grass because there was another sound, now of wooden oars, being laid inside a boat as men stepped into the water to drag there boat inland.  Looking down on the visitors coming ashore, The man on the hill sniffed the air, rage and fear filled his mind,  pain pierced his head like a two edged sword. His body shook with tremors of an earthquake and he released a growl from miles down in his spirit. This man had a reputation of demonic destruction of himself  and others, most likely their livestock as well.  Due to his above normal strength and hellish rage, they could not arrest or secure him.  He was considered a public enemy, an untouchable and undesirable maniac…  He knew the man getting out of the boat.

His inward demons were spiritual,  created and knew the  name and identity of this person.  His fleshly body inhabited by frightened evil spirits ran down the hill, surprisingly stopped, worshiped and cried with a loud voice!

“What have I to do with you, Jesus, Son of the most High God?!”  ” I beg you not to torment me”
Jesus  said:”Come out of him. What is your name”
“Legion,  for we are many, please do not send us away. Send us into the pigs”
And He sent them. After entering the swine, the herd went mad and ran down the opposite hill and drowned in the sea.

The towns people having heard of the pigs, came to see this Jesus and were most likely afraid,  looking with disgust as they saw the crazy, maniac not desiring to get near enough to touch him.  They saw the man who had been demon-possessed, not squatting or in a crouching ready to attack position but sitting, clothed and in his right mind.  His life had been touched, healed and delivered.  One would wonder… if his mother or family had long been praying for him . When others had given up hope, Jesus sails into shore, touching his life, giving him heart and life transformation.

This man, once untouchable, received the heart of an evangelist, compelled by the love of Christ to touch the lives of others. He desired to come aboard the boat of Jesus and tell the world!  Jesus did not allow it but said:  “Go home to your friends, and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how He has had compassion on you.”

Do you see all that happens here?  The maniac filled with demons; 1. Worshiped Jesus.  2.  Jesus delivered and changed him. 3.  The man wanted to follow Jesus.  4. Jesus commissioned him to go into the city, maybe back into the wilderness and tell others what Jesus had undeniably, done for him.

Has He done that for you? Is that the testimony you need to be sharing? Do you know someone, you or others have lost hope over?  Do not stop praying for them. Maybe you are that one; the undesirable, untouchable others have given up hope on.  Allow Jesus to meet you where you are and touch you. You can have that same heart and life transformation and peace with God followed by the peace of God