During the Christmas season you may recall my account of;  “Christmas with the Slobz”  Well after the New year,  the Slobz came for another visit.

Door bell ringing, door jerking, knob twisting. The Slobz tried to open our locked door.

“Why is your door locked in this quiet English village?”

“It’s not the villagers we try to keep out” I answered, with a lower tone to my voice.  Snow had fallen and once again so did my heart when they all splashed throughout the house becoming re acquainted with our neat antique decor.

“We came for the New Year party!”  announced Antwerp.  “The children have been crying nonstop to join you.   Look honey, they have chocolate cake!”

“Antwerp just loves Chocolate cake. Is that for the party?”

“New Years party was weeks ago. We don’t really stay up that late.”  My wife said, staring out the window.

“Ima get down from there. These kids are so athletic. Stop showing off!”  Ima and Ura had managed to climb onto the mantle for the fireplace.  Figurines were shaking in their boots and wearing their high prices, I was to.  This time shoes were not spread on the floor but boots making puddles.

“We’ve invited the messes again to bring in the midnight hour!” Sally seemed to enjoy manipulating the situation.  “Antwerp did you bring in the suitcase?  When we leave tomorrow night, I’ll need my sweatshirts.

“Staying til Tomorrow night?” my wife asked staring out the window.

By this time clothes, coats, and toys had covered the floor like an obstacle course.  Antwerp was texting the Messes to bring some food with them.  This I thought odd, since they had brought nothing.

Ima and Ura Slobz begin to yell in unison that they desired a snack. Sally went to the fridge and got them my wife’s lunch for work and divide it up amongst themselves  They didn’t invite us.  Afterward you could eat off the floor.  Not because it was so clean but rather the Slobz had spilled and left so much food.

“We’re going to bed.” I mumbled

What about the party? asked Sally

“Happy New Year!”   my wife said. looking out the window.

To be continued?….we may go on a long vacation next Holiday.