A mother and father speak proudly about how smart there child is. The boy is young and still in elementary school.   He can read and do math, above his expected level.  He most likely will graduate high school early and enter college while his friends are still thinking about Winter formal dances and proms.

“We let him be creative and make his own decisions. That’s why we never tell him ,no.” ..You’re impressed.

“Before we eat, Show us all your math tests from school”
“No. I don’t want to!” She whispers to you;  “He got all A’s.”

“Okay, show uncle how you can read.”
(they don’t say no, he does. Hmm).
“Do you want to go on the computer”  “Yes .”

They say: “Well, that went well.”
You say: “Yes it did. He really likes that computer”.