Back in the day, my parents and teachers would ask;  “What were you thinking“?!?  Often times we will act in the heat of the moment, not thinking. The ideal is to think beforehand, living by principle and not reaction to  an abrupt question, temptation or circumstance.  When we live intentional and on principles we have many battles won before they happen. For the most part we can make wiser decisions. Bible says to be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

We are human after all. There are some methods and ideas to help us think correctly more often:

  1. Read biographies about people that made good choices.
  2. Read a good book on ethics and value.
  3. Read the Bible-Proverbs, Acts, John, for starters.
  4. Pray for wisdom
  5. Live for others.
  6. Stop, think, then talk.
  7. Have GOOD friends.
  8. Be a GOOD friend.
  9. Think with a proper (I’d say Biblical) worldview.
  10. Be a listener.