The Richest Man in Town!

There was a warm breeze accompanied by the sound of birds and the slapping of  waves against the shore.  Just then a head rises up looking over tall grass because there was another sound, now of wooden oars, being laid inside a boat as men stepped into the water to drag there boat inland.  Looking down on the visitors coming ashore, The man on the hill sniffed the air, rage and fear filled his mind,  pain pierced his head like a two edged sword. His body shook with tremors of an earthquake and he released a growl from miles down in his spirit. This man had a reputation of demonic destruction of himself  and others, most likely their livestock as well.  Due to his above normal strength and hellish rage, they could not arrest or secure him.  He was considered a public enemy, an untouchable and undesirable maniac…  He knew…

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