I have written another little quick read book of poems:  “For Seasons”

“For Seasons” and the book: “Poems for the spiritual Lost and Found.”  Are meant to be read (anytime)  possibly with a quiet time Bible study, or used for injecting into teaching etc.

These also will entertain, and encourage as well.I realize with many there is little time for a long read.  These are purposely thirty two pages.

We all have our personal seasons or know of someone.  I believe (as many of us write about) that the four seasons display both negative change and hope as well. While showing God’s faithfulness and order.  As a result this is written”For Seasons”  and for you!

Both will be available at Amazon of course.


Flowers rising,
within green grass,
shining alas.
Flowing in mass,
victorious through winter,
even because of winter,
displays a splinter,
a stem.
Spring proves resurrection!

He is risen
no prison
no death or grave
Risen indeed will save.

First sign of life after death
giving the dead new breathe.
New colors, new hopes.

Spring displays through green,
colors seen…
The death of Christ and resurrection!