Confiscating projectile launchers, provides protection for those who have stolen theirs.  A perfect world,  would not contain such projectile senders.  It is to late, to rid the world, State or hood, from them.  To the annoyance of many,  I’d rather have a projectile launcher, when an evil person entered my home with one.  The goal would be to protect myself and family, by projecting the first one.

These launchers are harmful and deadly. Many innocent bystanders have had a projectile of many types, penetrate and mortify their bodies.

Sling shot, pistol, shot gun and the arm.  (As well as the kitchen knife)  have been used for, individual to mass destruction, launching rocks, vats of oil, and B.B.s, as well as pressure cookers with metal fragments.

The actual projectile launcher, is the heart and mind of the loader, the one looking through the sites, or the human walking into the school, hospital, theater, and store. The ones with intent to bring harm and death.

Now… after planting flowers and placing mulch in her garden, the little senior citizen gets into her clean station wagon and goes to the local pistol range to practice…just in case.