The Richest Man in Town!

This past winter, I sat in a chair by the heat and covered in blankets.  It amazed me to see all the birds; bluejays and cardinals, out playing in the snow and the below zero temperatures.  Not a one was wearing a jacket or gloves.  Day after day they swooped down on lawn ornaments and whistled for me to come outside.  It would be a cold day in Phoenix  before I was going out there.

I don’t know how they survived.  People have died out in the cold from the temps and lack of food during that season.  We have a difficult time in all seasons.  Many of us are in a season where we see life as hopeless and no way out.  We look for encouragement but we find none.

There is hope!

Jesus said in the Bible to “Look at the birds.”  They don’t have a farm with…

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