I’m growing bored with the frequent “Red Carpet” shows and the fashion gurus(?)  dressed like clowns critiquing the well dressed monarchs of Hollywood. The big screen humans that were one day waitresses and car wash attendants that now, thanks to the camera, have been given the status of “Voice from the gods”, experts on everything ; depending on the subject matter of their last movie.  The entertainment of today including the Oscars presentations won’t be as classy as the previous era’s.  Looking back and up to the present, we have to ask ourselves; “Were the entertainers “classy” or just censored?”  I’m not talking of the censorship of Hitler etc. It could be, life with some margins and perimeters is beneficial to community.

The classic shows from the beginning days of television are still being enjoyed today.  Family comedies, adventure, drama and slapstick.  Happily married couples sleeping like brothers and sisters in twin beds sharing a bedroom, yet  Little Ricky, Ritchie, etc become part of the act.  The phrase “far fetched” comes to mind.

Movies BACK IN THE DAY, would  have you; sitting on the edge of your seat; laughing ’til you cried or out and out boo hoo crying. The actors from both entertainment venues were great actors/actresses,  that could portray characters you loved or hated and you loved them for it. Beautiful stories brought to life by these great role models. Weren’t they?


We then discovered there were censorship boards keeping everyone accountable.

Members of the entertainment industry complained about censorship and made those doing the censoring out to be bitter, archaic people, out of touch with  the reality of modern times.   The 1970’s brought the freedom of “true expression” to those with the goal of reflecting the global community.

“WE HAVE RIGHTS”!!–Adam and Eve.

What do we look like without restraints?  The painting of Dorian Gray is coming out of the closet, and do we like what we see?  Actors and actresses are elated and proud of this liberty to be “real“.  What  are these scripts and beautiful roles?

Violence, Demon possession, Vampires, Stupid parents, stupid authority figures.sexual references on steroids,  anti family roles. Man is that all of it?  Did I say demon…yes that’s on the list. If you don’t agree with that review, stop at the movie kiosk and take a look.  Alright then, that’s what we have become without the bondage of standards.  I personally hope that’s not mirroring the community at large. The great movies of today are few and far between.  Hey, Great job. This era of entertainment is so much better than the last. Thanks a lot. (sarcasm).

No Thanks!  I’ll just get out a good book.  Have you read some these books?  they……….