Tim Flener   pg.30

The score was still tied in the fourth quarter. The players on both teams, could now see the reasoning for the conditioning during the two a day practices, before the season began. Uniforms were dirty and their minds were clear.
“Okay, play action with Miller faking up the middle. Johnson you go down and out. Anderson, run a post. We’ll see who’s open.”  Paul’s heart started beating fast. Until this time in all the games, he had been used as a blocking tight end.
“Ready. Set! Hut Hut! The players leaped into action colliding on the line. The plan for play action worked, as the back pretended to carry the ball and ran into a wall of defense, including the fooled linebackers, leaving Paul with a one on one with the opposing safety. Paul acted as if he was going on a fly route, then cut into an angled path towards middle field. The safety had continued a step or two down field realizing to late, he had been duped!
When Paul looked up as he cut, The ball was already in the air. It was the prettiest spiral he had ever seen. He felt no negativity. The play was working perfectly. The ball landed in his cradled arms as if the quarterback had handed it to him. Catching in stride he ran untouched running into the end zone.
The fans had already been standing while the ball was in the air. When Paul crossed the goal line you could hear the cheers and shouts, all the way back to Paul’s neighborhood. But most of them were at the game
Tim Flener    pg.31

“TOUCHDOWN!” Shouted the referee as raised his hand in the air. The band played the school song and confetti flew in the air,  covering the students and family in the bleachers.  The team met Paul and the quarterback as they ran to the sideline.  To the relief of their team the score remained the same and they had won again.
John, Jojo, Rachael, Jasmine and Paul, headed to Paul’s house to meet Mike and his girlfriend, Becky. The Anderson’s, who invited some other players and their parents, were getting pizza. They were all arriving about the same time. Jasmine and Paul were the last ones to walk up to the door, when she jerked his hand he turned and she kissed him.
JoJo yelled to them through the screen door:  “C’mon sausage and mushroom. There’s nothing better then sausage and mushroom. Pastor Will’s going to pray for the food!”
Paul turned to Jasmine and said: “Your kiss was better than sausage and mushroom.”
“I bet you say that, to all the girls.”

Quick and easy read for students or those with good memories.  The students are into football, friends and family as well as Community involvement through church and school.    https://www.createspace.com/4952963