What if Nehemiah was apathetic, unreceptive, even not enough to pray. All the while complaining about God. Hating the Empires that had him and his countrymen in captivity away from home. Do your part and watch God; coordinate, orchestrate and facilitate.
  I personally have witnessed the hardest of hearts; that even I had given up on, melt and follow Christ, and have a heart transformation and a life transformation. This resulting from a; spouse, class/group or Church, praying specifically on their behalf!
  Time after time, a modest praying small group of believers, that started with prayer, develops into a thriving praying Church that is now making a difference; mentally, physically and most important spiritually . Because they had a burdened heart for those around them. They were armed with the mind of Christ. God have given them direction and vision for their community and they prayed and planned all the while casting and recasting that vision to those that joined or merely wanted to help with resources of any kind. We often consider it advertising, and because of charlatans, we withdraw from talking or asking for financial help.
  We sit on the bedside or kneeling by the pulpit and expect God to do it all. We pray for money to fall from the sky or beam into the mailbox (I believe that can happen as well)…  As a result there are many leaders and pastors who are speaking on Sunday morning only to a congregation consisting of their wife and kids. The rest are driving a truck from Newark to San Diego, wondering where God was.  As we pray we can intentionally, make the “big ask” and constantly casting that vision and recasting that vision.
  We would be amazed how many others have been given the same God given vision and heart cry. We are not only individuals as the body of Christ, but parts of community that need one another. There will be those that will pray big time, those that will help with office work or children and some Christians are ready to supply financially in a huge way. It is that persons, opportunity again, as well as yours, to be part of what God is doing!
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