The Richest Man in Town!

I have had the opportunity to speak at some churches.  I “titled” some talks/sermons “Power Walking”.  The idea wasn’t only in racing but a daily exercise of stepping out in force with an appropriate pace.

The physical act of  power walking is done focused, intentional and with purpose.  The end of a walk might be a location or timed challenge that requires more commitment than the occasional daily stroll.

The course may be known or might have its  surprising obstacles.  The walk of life may be complete with storm, sadness, loneliness, poverty, lies and important life choices.  We also experience the elation of being in the right place or accomplishing the smaller tasks to complete or even overwhelmingly succeed walking through the main objective.

Various spots in the Bible gives us good instruction technique of walking correctly to win and help other walkers along their route. Maybe you’ve read them…

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