The saying goes it is raining “cats and dogs” meaning it is raining hard and might make travel or standing on the porch difficult. Tradition says that cats and dogs are always fighting . Old cartoons verify this.

It is also known that the Church (I was raised in church and am a Christ follower) sometimes fight like cats and dogs.  It apparently has been discovered, some church goers relate to God like cats and dogs relate to their human masters.

Not to long ago I read that, some Christians are like dogs and some are like cats. “Dog Christians” love their masters and wait eagerly for them to return from being away. These dogike worshippers say “You feed me, you must be God”.  The “Cat Christians” are finnicky and act like they can take it or leave it and say “You feed me, I must be God.”

If this comparison were true, I wonder which one am I. Which one are you?