Someone else looked back from his mirror.

Traces of his father and others of the tree.

Beyond his years bitterness, the drink, hair.

He knew of others, the famous, aging terribly.

Following suit, almost unrecognizable, unplanned.

Childhood chums may pass by,  not knowing him.

Seeing others his age, snickered of how they let go.

Waking in middle of night,  that mirror held no punches.

Time waits for no one.  Time marches on to gray and bird houses.

Yet the reflection of importance is the life we live, the walk, we walk.

Did we believe God, give Him glory?  Go about doing good?

Did you love and have fun? Enjoy life in the land of the living

for God and others?  It matters not the age, face or weight, rather your heart!

That’s a good reflection on you!