Nero didn’t sign a religious freedom act.

He burned Christians to light up his football fields.

They sang their way to the lions den.

maybe not while being eaten.

Bonhoeffer hung from Hitlers rope.

Now everyone’s doing what’s right in their own eyes.

Jesus said love your enemies. Paul said Don’t conform.

Jesus said they hate me? they gonna hate you.

If you love me keep my commandments you don’t pick and chose.

Christians didn’t get ticked when the devil

wouldn’t cook them a wedding cake.

they just spread Christianity.

They tried the crusade with King Richard and Robin Hood.

but that wasn’t true Biblical Christianity..

Cross over…from trusting self to trusting in Christ alone,

as your only hope for eternity spent with God.

Even if Indiana told us: Stop being Christian or go to jail.

or no more Krispy Cremes for you before worship service!

we’d just go on being Christian

We don’t need a religious freedom act.

The Apostle Peter and his crew said “We ought to obey God rather than man.”

Man up, Follow Christ. Love God Love Others.