The seasons have changed.  Spring brings with it warmer temperatures, and many opportunities and experiences.  Following a long Winter, students are sprinting from the blocks and on the run.

Fun and memories galore are birthed during Spring time and semester.  Dances, Track meets, and preparation begins for the ending of  the school year, maybe even graduation.

Love is in the air and boys and girls that merely shared a class, bud into the Summer romance.
Prayer and wisdom is needed here. The temperature of the atmosphere and body heads toward triple digits.  You can win that battle before it comes by being intentional with principles and “rules.”  Keep the word of God “Between you.”

Memories that will last a lifetime will happen this Spring.  Make them great ones and use them for life preparation.

Dances, Sports, and grades.  Wow!  I’ll be praying with and for each student and parent.