Do you remember the historical writing

in the Bible, reporting the Children of Israel

crossing the Jordon River on dry ground?

God had told Joshua to have twelve men

take stones from the middle and

make a monument.

“When your children

ask what do these stones represent.

You tell them it’s when you crossed

over on dry ground because

your God pushed it to the side

I can imagine in my so called mind ,many years

later after conquering Canaan;  Memorial Day Weekend

and the summer vacations at the “Jordan River National Park.”

The children would run up to there

grandparents or great grandparents,

sitting under a shade tree, that had seen or heard

about the crossing and ask:

“What do those stones over there mean?”

“They are a monument for us to remember

when God dried up that part of the Jordan

and our people walked safely across.

We are here to remember

and worship our God!”

I can see an elderly man say:

“Thinking back these stones

mean many things to us.” “Yes sir”?

“These stones mean;  God hears your cries.

Like He did when His people were in slavery”.
“These stones mean;  God delivers.

Like he did His people”
“These stones mean;

God saves by the Blood.

Like He did His people when they applied the blood”
“These stones mean;

God can trouble those that trouble you. Just as He did

drowning Pharaoh and army.”
“These stones mean;

God leads you in your wilderness.

Like He did our people.”
“These stones mean;

God can make a way where there is no way. As He did

at the Red Sea and this river.”

So now you can remember;

God is in control and with God all things are possible.

What do you need today?

deliverance? salvation? trusting God/faith?

Let God meet you where you are.

He can move in the miraculous for you

and then He can move in the miraculous

through you.  Love God Love Others!