Time is a healer of wounds but occasionally merely numbs the pain.  We find that true in the Confederate flag from the civil war.  One time a piece of history that has slithered back into the banner of hate.  We and the world would not raise the swastika because of it’s history and allegiance.

During my 1970’s peace time tour of duty in the military which was near Fayetteville,  North Carolina.  I was shocked and appalled to see citizens of all races, downtown walking passed the monument of a slave trading platform.  I believe it has been removed.  Again, I understand a monument or exhibit of tragic history.  It seems to me though,a prideful statement of slavery not merely of southern pride.

Someone could propose a flag or banner showing pride of location.  This is idiotic to carry banners of hate raising them one day and killing in the name of that flags ideals.  I’ve lived my life amazed, that it would be allowed to fly in any gov’t office, as it was a symbol of pain. pride and post treason to this and any nation.

Similar to what Reagan said to the Russian leader:  “Tear down that flag!”