I have been in need of medical equipment, for a couple of months recently and the equipment company has allegedly been giving me the run around.  The cubicle i talk to by phone, blames another cubicle  or dept..

The needle on the meter indicating movement toward a next phase or coordination with insurance/ doctors has broken and sits seemingly powerless.  Each and every phone conversation is as the previous. Ending with; “Oh boy, I will expedite this!”

I googled what the reason is for difficulty in getting this equipment when insurances say they have given the green light.

Searches have led to a sight of hundreds of complaints of the same company almost as if I had written them.    Meanwhile the patient suffers and is losing patience.

Each “Service” rep, blames the other claiming they have done their job and intend to do no more..  If I were to die and my wife inform them not to proceed.  They would say the motto of; “Thanks for being what makes ___________ great.”