The heart drops when we feel as if our life

is wasted or unimportant.  The violence in the

streets indicate that there is a lack of value

for the lives of others.

An eye for an eye or do unto others

before they do unto you,

is the motto now inscribed in the hearts

of men and women boys and girls.

I pray there is a turning of the corner

about to happen.  Lives do matter, of all

tribes and tongues.

It can be a wonderful life, but it will require

peace, grace, and love. and preferring others

over ourselves, while seeking unity of a family,

city, and nation.

I believe the only way to have peace with one another

is having peace with God through faith in Christ’s;  life.

death, and resurrection.    When we live in light of eternity

we can realize the wonderful, abundant life that Christ talks of.