Out with the old and in with the new.  I occasionally wonder if the past was paradise because we were children without a care in the world and some one else paid the bills or ran the family, country, and world.

Detroit, Michigan and Gary, Indiana were burning in protest.  Hippies were carrying signs and blowing up buildings.  Cuba was aiming missiles instead of showing off classic automobiles.

The kids in our neighborhood had bicycle parades (with cardboard, or everyone’s favorite a balloon in the spokes).  We had enough for two baseball teams and a street just wide enough for touch football.  We  maneuvered though the houses, playing army, complete with Americans and Germans (Combat TV series).

I married the girl across the street.  We look for retro items to decorate our house  like mom and dad might have.  We are having a great time in the here and now.  Now the neighborhood kids run through the homes in electric cars. I pray they make some great memories of their own.

The important idea is to enjoy where you are.  It’s a long journey!