Effort and quality, speed and character comes to the forefront during the Olympics.  The daring vaults, dives and volleys are rewarded by the medals. These efforts are given points and tallied and the winners rise to the award ceremonies receiving their just reward.

My point is, I didn’t get one. I watched on t.v.  I didn’t deserve one.  The gold would diminish and turn green with envy if all participants received it around their necks.  The A student is diminished to a smiley face and so is the effort and so are the results.

Some need to get their heads out of the sand and stop producing  couch potatoes that will receive the same as the one making an investment around them.  Strong effort should be awarded without a doubt. Laziness should be frowned against and transformed in order to make an investment into the circle of life they have been planted.

We all might not be valedictorian, or head of surgery or the department at work.  We all can be aware and productive.

May we educate and encourage so individuals might engage the journey of life.