It was a few days before Christmas, the Slobz came for a visit.  Antwerp and Sally Slobz and their children Ima and Ura Slobz.  My heart dropped, as Sally hung her coat on the three foot tall glass Nativity scene by the door. Ima just threw his coat and boots under the tree.  “He’s so cute.” Said Antwerp.

“What’s for supper?” asked Ura, as she came through the door.
“I’m hungry again!”  Demanded Ima.
“Here’s three banana’s, on the table.” Sally gladly said, knowing they both would throw tantrums if they didn’t eat every five minutes.
“Those were for my food for work.”  My wife said.  “But you eat up.”

“We were hoping you’d have those Christmas cookies you had last year.” Antwerp said looking around the kitchen.
“Maybe she can make them tonight, and you can eat them here in the morning.” Sally comforted him.
“In the morning?” My wife and I said together.
“Surprise!   We decided…look Ima has taken all of the Christmas ornaments off the tree.”
“What” I said with heart dropping.
“He’s so smart…Ima put all the blue ones together and pile the angels over in this pile.”
“I’ll stack the green bulbs on the fire place!” Shouted Ima.
“Okay but move all the other decorations to the side. ..He knows his colors.”
“Where’s Antwerp?” I asked worried.

The children had wisely brought toys to play with. I believe it was every toy they owned, you could not walk through the room.  Feeling right at home, Antwerp and Sally laid across the couches, while my wife sat in the chair from the kitchen, already worried about the morning.

Shoes were everywhere not from playing with them.  That’s… where… they… took them off. Shoes leaning against a wall, the middle of the living room floor, the kitchen and one laid by the chimney with care.

“Ima stop shaking the Christmas tree!” Yelled Sally, as she handed Ura to my wife.
“I want to see the angel at the top.” He moaned
“Well I’ll get it for you!” She accommodated.
“Hurry, Hurry.” He demanded.
“They just love Christmas.” said Antwerp
My heart dropped again, when there was a knocking at the door.  I hoped it wasn’t anyone that I knew….
It wasn’t.

“We called and told the Messes, we’d be here. We thought we would play a game where you have to tell the truth about someone in the room.  Isn’t Christmas fun?  Are you going to play?”
“The radio just said there may be a blizzard.!!”  Warned Antwerp.
“No. I’ll not play.  I’d  better go to bed.”

To be continued: unfortunately