A cost I can Afford

Many times we just stay in, because it’s more convenient. We consider a ton of causes and reasons, the effort is way to inconvenient. Like they say, if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Matter of fact if they could just leave the house and merely make it to the car, they could breathe again. The alternative is to stay put behind the curtain frozen in place.

This may require prayer or reading about a Bible character that was willing into step into the mission of God, come what may. Pray asking God to give you the next step, or the reason why you should. We wait for the next big cause or reason to move out on. Maybe God is just asking you to take small steps until you arrive at the finish.

I/we wish we had stepped/walked/ran earlier but it is what it is. now is the time to Repent, Rebuild and Revive.

Hey teenager, young adult, even senior adult. Revival is the word your looking for. Life into these dead bones. Check out Philippians 4, in the Bible. The book of Joshua. the story of King David. Catch hold of the heart, and vision for what lies ahead. Walk in it and carry it out. We can build/create something together as we are knit together in love.

No matter the difficulty or the cost of the stepping out into the mission of God. “Just do It.” Afraid? Yes but I’m going anyway. Let’s do this…to the glory of God!


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