I have had the opportunity to be A soldier in the U.S. Army, an over the road driver and the privilege to speak before church groups and congregations. The hope is to equip, exalt and engage through blogs, poetry and books as well. I desire to Gather and share insight from the lawn chair to the podium, about being (without money) the richest man in town. I am also taking this opportunity to learn from the others. My efforts are nursery rhymes compared to these great works I see daily! amazon.com/author/timflener Tim is on facebook – and the book; “Poems for the Spiritual Lost and Found”. Latest little book of poems “For Seasons” For God for Seasons and for you! Amazon 32 pages. amazon.com/author/timflener

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  1. Vietnam? Or later? Thank you, my friend, for your service. And thanks for visiting my studio. “‘Tis a Pity” is a lament for growing old in the face of youth, but not an excuse — nor a wish to return to those days. We had them and remember them, but life moves on, eh? In a way, it’s a call to remember that those who are older have something to offer: experience and history; which the current generations seems to overlook. Ah, youth! And so it goes, generation unto generation.

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