The Richest Man in Town!

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Haiku Rock

The Richest Man in Town!

Rock thrown in water

will begin new life today

New circumstances

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Sunset at the lake

Golden horizon blue skies

water smooth as glass


Fake Headlines of Some Churches

  • Your good deeds have to out weigh the bad for Heaven
  • Jesus Died to Make You Happy
  • No Sins Just Bad Mistakes
  • There is No Truth

Children left Behind

The Richest Man in Town!

From elementary to college, there have been failing students passed on to the next grade.  Obviously there is an understanding that some will eventually progress, or go on to surpass the others.  The idea of failing or holding them back could be detrimental  and unnecessary.

On the other swing of the pendulum we have students being passed ahead knowing they are not prepared for the next level.  What is worse they were not ready for the last year of study.  It is detrimental for the “system” to look the other way, passing the baton to another teacher and relieved to see Johnny move on because “Johnny can’t read.”

Before you know it children are left behind, lost and hopeless.  The pain may be medicated temporarily with a  sports scholarship  or even family affluence . Children that are left behind  have populated block after city block. These children have grown into…

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Back in the Saddle

I was down for the count following knee replacement.  Now I’m back running with the ball and on the platform sharing God’s Word when it is my turn. I request your prayers and I’ll be praying for you!


Found peace in myself , but that didn’t last.

Alone again thinking of the past.

Thought I’d enjoy just me and myself.

Content to put others on a shelf.

A friend now with God, I  found my life free

Well it’s not I who lives but it’s Christ that lives in me.





Distant look and far away mind

hiding a tear

letting the clock unwind.

Reminiscing through the years

wondering how and why

dominated by her fears.

This isn’t at all what she was after


in a house once filled with laughter.

But there came a knock at hearts door

T’was the peace of God

on Eagle wings she would soar!








Picture on the end table.

She loved him at eighteen

she loves him at  eighty-eight.

Picture on the end table,

portrait of their wedding day.

Eighteen year old kids down the hall,

laughed and rolled their eyes

at the senior’s stride.

Passing they would smile to themselves

knowing these did not have a clue.

He opened the door for her

as they went for a walk.

Your Time Now


Time to seek God again

If not now when?

Alive to God, dead to sin

Be a light where to begin

Evil fascinates

before it assassinates

God didn’t call us to procrastination

We were called to reach a nation.

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